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This week has been our long awaited residential for which we headed to the beautiful city of York! It was a very busy, jam packed 3 days, but the children absolutely loved it and got stuck in with all of the amazing activities and workshops! Here is a breakdown of what we go up to…

Monday 13th June

Once we arrived in York, we had our lunch and checked into our rooms, we then headed to the famous Shambles for a little bit of shopping! The children had a great time exploring all of the little antiquated shops which lined the cobbled streets and by the end of the day most of them had spent all of their money! After shopping we headed to Clifford’s Tower to have a look at the last remaining part of York Castle. The children loved hearing stories about it’s gruesome past. After having dinner back at the hostel, we headed to a nearby park for some fun games!

























Tuesday 14th June

We started our second day in York with a hearty breakfast of cereal and pastries before heading to the York Minster. Here, we explored it’s beautiful architecture and did a treasure hunt where the children had to find lots of different objects within the Minster. Afterwards, we headed to St Mary’s Abbey where we learnt all about the dissolution of the Monasteries and the part that King Henry VIII played in this. After that, the children had some downtime in Museum Gardens where they organised a game of stuck in the mud! After running off some  energy, we headed to DIG for lunch and a workshop where some children had the opportunity to dress up as famous Viking gods and goddesses! They then re-enacted the story of Thor’s Stolen Hammer! Next,we headed to the Jorvik centre to learn about the ancient settlement. The children had a great time travelling through the settlement on the centre’s ride, although there were lots of complaints about the authentic Viking smells! We headed back to the local park for more fun and games that evening and Mrs Venables and I joined in with a game (or few) of dodgeball – who knew it was such a fun game to play!






Wednesday 15th June

We ended our time in York with a trip to York’s Chocolate Story, which I think was everybody’s favourite activity of the week! The children learnt all about the part that York played in Britain's chocolate history. This, as you can imagine, was a huge hit with the children (and adults!) as we got to try lots of samples throughout the tour! We also had a Mayan workshop where the children got to be ancient Mayan tribes and create their own xocolatl by grinding down cocoa nibs. We then compared ancient liquid chocolate to modern day hot chocolate… safe to say we all agreed that chocolate has gotten a lot tastier over the years!

All in all, it was such a fantastic trip and it was so wonderful to see the children having such a lovely time with their classmates.


Back in school we have continued with our usual learning, particularly focussing on times tables as we have now started our MTC. Some children have completed their check this afternoon and others will complete theirs either next Monday or Tuesday, so please do continue to hammer these over the weekend. I am so, so proud of how hard every single pupil has worked with their times tables this year and it’s so good to see how proud they are of themselves.

Have a happy and restful weekend,

Miss Bate, Mrs Evans and Miss Teiman

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